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Monitoring System

M’s BRIDGE™ Solutions, it will monitor 24/7 and expand functions for the future, send data for processing by artificial intelligence “AI” systems which have sophisticated intelligence that can predict the likelihood of sub-device failures in advance with accuracy. It has the malfunction sign alert which we will know in advance before the elevator breakdown and keep an eye on the elevator operation. M’s BRIDGE™ is ready to send a signal to inform the service technician to make an appointment with the users in advance to adjust and fix it.

The system can send commands to check the operation of the elevator as if service technicians come to check by themselves. Therefore, there is no need to make an advance notice to request elevator stops for inspection and services to reduce the frequency of elevator stops for inspection services. This allows building occupants to use the elevators continuously and gain the safety of using them as the elevators are regularly remotely inspected.

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Mel Eye Monitoring and Control System
Supervisory System Mel Eye Enhances Elevator and Escalator Operation Management with the Latest Network Technology
Mel Eye closely observes the operational status of elevators and escalators that handle continually changing passenger traffic. This allows Building Managers to rapidly respond to changing traffic patterns, thus optimizing the performance of elevators and escalators and maximizing the added value of the whole building.
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