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Technologies & Features

Technologies & Features
The joint-lapped core built into the PM motor of the traction machine features flexible joints. The iron core acts like a hinge, which allows coils to be wound around the core more densely, resulting in improved motor efficiency and compactness. A high-density magnetic field is produced, enabling lower use of energy and resources and reduced CO2 emissions.
Furthermore, the double brakes, which work independently, ensure safety.
Note that the gearless traction machine with PM motor is not applicable to some elevators.
Energy savings of up to 60% VVVF inverter control not only delivers smooth control of the traction machine, its regenerative braking system also conserves a significant amount of energy. Used alongside the gearless traction machine with permanent magnet motor, it ensures that elevators operate at optimal power efficiency, using up to 60%** or less power than AC-2 control.
Traveling time reduced by up to 20% Optimal acceleration/deceleration reduces traveling time by up to 20%**, thereby easing the frustration felt by passengers riding in or waiting for an elevator.
Smoother ride and enhanced landing precision A quality ride with smoother acceleration and minimal noise is delivered.
The elevator landing is precise.
**These reduction ratios are those of ELEMOTION. They can vary depending on the control method of the existing elevator.
When a passenger enters a destination floor at a hall, the hall operating panel immediately indicates which car will serve the floor. Because the destination floor is already registered, the passenger does not need to press a button in the car. Furthermore, dispersing passengers by destination prevents congestion in cars and minimizes waiting and traveling time. Enhancing usability for passengers at halls When passengers enter a destination floor at a hall, the hall operating panel indicates which elevator to take. As passengers proceed to the assigned elevator, the car is on its way and there is no hurry when the car arrives.
Example of hall arrangement
DOAS (Lobby floor(s))

DOAS hall operating panels are installed only on busy floor(s) such as the lobby while other floors have conventional hall fixtures. This is particularly beneficial for improving the traffic flow leaving from the busy floor. It is especially useful in buildings with heavy up-peak traffic.

DOAS (All floors)

DOAS hall operating panels are installed on all floors. Cars receive destination information from all floors to provide the best service for more complex traffic conditions throughout the day.

Our breakthrough AI Neural Network technology enhances transport efficiency and reduces passenger waiting time through optimum car allocation, which allows elevators to use energy effectively.
Advanced energy-saving technology The Regenerative Converter transmits the power regenerated by the traction machine via the distribution transformer to the electrical network for use in lights, air conditioners and other building facilities.

Note that the Regenerative Converter is not applicable to some elevators.

*Please consult our local Mitsubishi Electric sales agent for the detail of the energy-saving ratio.
The door motor and VVVF* inverter ensure smoother and quieter door opening and closing, thereby enhancing passenger safety and product reliability.

*VVVF: Variable voltage, variable frequency
Multiple infrared-light beams cover a door height of approximately 1800mm. If they detect passengers or objects as the doors close, the doors immediately open to prevent items from getting caught between the doors.

Note that applicability of the feature may vary depending on conditions.
The latest signal fixtures first introduced for the new-installation elevators are now available for modernization. For energy savings, select the signal fixture with LEDs. Replacing even only signal fixtures gives a fresh impression to passengers.