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Quality & Safety

Since introducing the corporate business slogan “Quality in Motion” in the year 2000 as a part of our commitment to being the No. 1 brand in quality, we have carried out business activities based on the common understanding that the key to Mitsubishi Electric’s superiority is our continuously evolving quality.

However, the definition of and expectations regarding “Quality” change over time. This ever changing definition affects not only the quality of products and services provided to customers, but our business activities as well.

Accordingly, the No.1 quality that is the aim of “Quality in Motion” has also evolved. Today it includes not only pursuing the improved comfort, efficiency and safety of our products, as well as high-quality service/sales, but also “Ecology” in consideration of the environment.

In order to visibly express our long-standing policy on environmental activities, we present a new “Quality in Motion” with four axes, adding “Ecology” as a new perspective to the existing three axes.

In all of Mitsubishi Electric’s business activities related to elevators, escalators and building management systems, we are committed to continuously evolving with the aim of becoming the No. 1 brand in quality.
We ensure a comfortable ride, thanks to our smooth riding systems and universal design which is modifiable to match any building environment.
MET considers safety a top priority. Each step of our business, (delivery, installation, testing, hand-over, and maintenance), is always supervised under proper safety standards to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, subcontractors, and the public.
Promoting energy-saving with cutting-edge drive / control technologies. Improving efficiency of building management and transportation in buildings. Pursuing space-saving development.
Saving resources through downsizing and weight reduction. Using environmentally conscious materials. Promoting eco-factories.
Quality in Motion is the symbol of overall quality and reliability. This is a major priority during manufacturing, installation and maintenance.