MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for Better | THAILAND บริการลิฟต์ (ลิฟท์) บันไดเลื่อน ฯลฯ


1. Additional Functions - Elevator

1.1 NS-CB (Non-Service of Specified Floor – Car Button Type)
This function specifies the specific floor you do not need the service. The specified floor can be skipped by locking the button on the operation panel.

1.2 SCS-B (Secret Call Service)
Car call can be coded with a secrcet code by using a specified 3-digit coding.

1.3 BSO (Bank Separating Operation)
Group control system can be devided into sub groups. For example, 4-car system sub groups to be 1-car system and 3-car system.

1.4 MELD (Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device)
In case of electrical malfunction, the car will transport the remaining passengers to the nearest floor using the reserved energy from the backup battery and the open the door to let the passengers out safely.

2. Surveillance and operation status system

2.1 MelEye

3. Decoration

3.1 Car ceiling
3.2 Mirror
3.3 Handrail
3.4 Car floor

3.5 Hatch / Car door

4. Additional Safety Features

4.1 MBS (Multi-Beam Door Sensor)
Car door will open when the object is in the sensor radius.

4.2 AAN-G (Voice Guidance System)
The current operation information will be announced by voice. The passengers are able to hear the floor the car reaches, when the doors are closing/opening etc.

4.3 AAN-B (Attention Announcement Basic)
Voice announcement of the current operation including buzzer sound if the car is overload or any other malfunctions. (applicable only in English)

5. Additional Functions - Escalator

5.1 Auto-Start/Stop
The sensor detects object in the operation radius and triggers the escalator to operate. When there is no detected object, the escalator will be on standby mode.

5.2 VVVF Control