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Care for Kids by Mitsubishi Elevator

Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) focuses on Quality and Safety because these are the most important issues for our company. Our sense of quality is based on efficient development of products and services. Safety is determined by our concern for customers using our products. Even though our products are safe, there are potential hazards if our products are not installed or maintained properly. However, most accidents are the result of improper or negligent use of elevators and escalators. Children are especially at risk of accidents because they have less experience and maturity of utilize when making decisions.

Our current lifestyle allows more people than ever the opportunity to use elevators and escalators in places like office buildings, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. Moreover, people are moving from houses to condominiums in cities. Therefore, children have more opportunities to use elevators and escalators.

As, Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand), is a vendor, installer, and service provider for elevator, escalator, and moving walks under the Mitsubishi brand name, we are aware and see the important of child safety. We came up with the “Care for Kids, by Mitsubishi Elevator” project to develop child safety skills so that they could avoid dangerous situations that may occur during the use of elevators and escalators.


  1. To acknowledge and develop elevator and escalator safety skills.
  2. To decrease the number of accidents that may occur from using elevators and escalators carelessly.
  3. To encourage guardians to understand the important of children’s safety.