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Hometown School Development
The project started in 2008. Our vision is to be aware of the importance of sustainable development. Every year, our employees are asked to consider this. Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) has organized one project for our employees to participate in. We encouraged them to develop their hometown schools in order to build their awareness of social responsibility so employees can build unity there. The Hometown School Development Project had been providing laughs and smiles to students who live in rural areas, such as the renovation of the science room at Baan Sam Lung Pracha Rangsan School, Sukhothai, the renovation of the football field for preventing drug at San Jok Pok School, Prayao, the renovation of the library and computer center at Fak Thung School, Ubonratchathani, the installation of drinking fountains and sinks at Dong Sawan School, Nongbuarumpoo, and many others.