MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for Better | THAILAND บริการลิฟต์ (ลิฟท์) บันไดเลื่อน ฯลฯ

Necessity of Modernization

1. Ensure and increase safety
1.1 MELD (Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device) is equipped to be utilized during electricity emergency. MELD operates by relocating the elevator to the nearest floor to drop the remaining passenger safely by using power conserved from the battary.

1.2 Automatic Sensor preventing passengers getting clamped. The censor is installed between the car doors. The beam detects any objects obstucting the doors. The doors will not close there is any obstuction within the beam radius. 

2. Increase efficiency with VVVF Inverter Control
VVVF Inverter Control (VVVF: variable voltage, variable frequency) mobilized the car with smoothness and precision. Excellent in acceleration and deceleration in order to park precisely on each floor. Moreover, VVVF results in less energy consumption (up to 60% maximum).

3. The original car doors can still be utilized
Customers can keep the original car doors, there is no need to re-install new ones. No re-constuction of the hall.

4. Over 25 years of available spare parts
Spare parts worry-free. We take care of our customers by stocking spare parts after your modernization fro 25 years.