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What is a Double Deck Elevator?

What is a Double Deck Elevator?

Someone may wonder what is Double Deck Elevator? Is there anything special more than normal passenger elevators? we would like to explain in a simple way. It is similar to a British double-deck bus, it is a combined with two cars that can carry passengers in double when compared to the general passenger elevator such as 1 trip carries 20 people, if use the double deck elevator it will be carried passengers up to 40 passengers per 1 trip.

The working principle is that the elevator has 2 floors, dividing the arrival into odd and couple floor, the lower elevator arrives the odd floor while the upper elevator arrives the couple floor with the upper and lower doors being independent, anyway the elevators will move together in the same direction.

In comparison with general passenger elevators, Double Deck elevator able to save the building's usable space with a reduction of approximately 67% of the building space, building owners can increase the usable space in their buildings by two-third because the space used for the construction of elevator is reduced which is ideal for high-rise buildings in the middle of the city due to the limited space and the efficiency in handling passengers is improved by 2 times, it is suitable for office buildings with a high number of floors.

This double deck elevator will be installed for the first time in Thailand for "ONE BANGKOK" project. The largest real estate project in Thailand which is ready to open the first phase in 2023 and will be completed the construction by 2026.