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ไฟดับ หรือ ไฟตก ผู้โดยสารติดค้างในลิฟต์หรือไม่ ???

ไฟดับ หรือ ไฟตก ผู้โดยสารติดค้างในลิฟต์หรือไม่ ??? FB: Mitsubishi Elevator Thailand IG: Mitsubishi_Elevator_Thailand more..

What is a Double Deck Elevator?

What is a Double Deck Elevator?

Someone may wonder what is Double Deck Elevator? Is there anything special more than normal passenger elevators? we would like to explain in a simple way. It is similar to a British double-deck bus, it is a combined with two cars that can carry passengers in double when compared to the general passe more..

"Elevator or Lift"

ติดตามชมได้ในคลิปนี้ครับ🔻 more..

Eyeta x Mitsubishi Electric l Active On Your Move

Eyeta x Mitsubishi Electric l Active On Your Move

What is your life driven by?If you don't let your life stay in the same place forever, anything won't be scary.   more..

How different between

How different between "Elevator" & "Lift"

Many people may be wondering that what’s difference the wording between “Elevator” and “Lift”?Actually, both of these words mean "elevator" (passenger). Their meaning are  the same but the wordELEVATOR [n.] is an American English termLIFT [n.] is a British English termSometimes, if you say lift it m more..