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Corporate Governance Policy
Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is one of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s subsidiary companies. The company is committed to establishing and maintaining the best corporate governance practices which adhere to the highest levels of transparency, accountability, competitiveness and equity, in all areas of its operations. These practices comply with the ethical conduct and norms of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation group of companies towards stakeholders and social responsibility.

Business Ethics
Our Board of Directors (BOD) must act within the bounds of the authority conferred upon them, and have the duty to make and enact informed decisions and policies in the best interests of the Company and stakeholders. The conduct guidelines of Mitsubishi Electric Group Policy has been adopted for implementation to adhere to the standards of business operation loyalty, good faith, the avoidance of conflict of interest, and promoting management transparency per the following details:

Mitsubishi’s Corporate Mission
To continually improve our technology and services by applying creativity to all aspects of our business. By doing so, we can enhance the quality of life in our society.