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After Service Question

Q: How does the one-year-warranty work? A: Every product has a one-year-warranty policy. This includes the labor cost and the spare part replacement within one year after the installation.

Q: Do I need to present any documents to verify the warranty? A: Yes, after Field Operation Department (FOD) is finished with the installation, customer will receive the installation completion document. This is to verify the period of the warranty.

Q: Does Mitsubishi service contract cost more than others in the market? A: Some of you may have the idea that Mitsubishi's is in a higher price range from the competitors. However there are 2 main types of service provider which are
1. Service and Distributor - Providing maintenance service according to the manufacturer's standard under the brand. All procedures are under brand's policy for passenger's welfare. Mitsubishi's price falls in this type. Moreover, we have the well-equipped training center in Thailand. All technicians are well-trained for 1 year as a mandatory course before they service customer at the actual job site.
2. Unauthorized service provider or other general service provider - This type of provider offers a low range of price. However, they do not have the speciality in the product. Elevator and escalator are delicate and have many details. It is best to be maintenanced by specialist for safety and durability. When selecting the service provider, price should not be the priority. Safety comes first.

Q: Can I still purchase the spare part from Mitsubishi if I am not under their service contract? A: We are more than welcome to service you. Even though you are not under our service contract. However, you need to inform us the product details according to part needed. Due to there are several series of the product and spare parts, for the precision we require the right information to service you with the right part. For the customer who are not under the service contract, we will pass the purchase order on to the manufacturer in which the process will take approximately 120-180 days to be shipped to the customer. It is prohibited for Mitsubishi to ship the parts available in the warehouse to customers who are not under the service contract. 

Q: What is the elevator maintenance standard?  A: The maintenance standard is determined by the brand who are the designer and manufacturer of the product. According to Mitsubishi's standard, the product is required to be inspected and adjusted the equipments. Including lubricating the equipment in accordance to the maintenace check sheet.