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High-Speed Computer Processor

The high-accumulation LSI integrating digital control circuitry has significantly increased the speed of the computer processing, enabling precise control of the traction motor for acceleration and deceleration. This innovation delivers a quality ride with the least noise and vibration. The adoption of the low-noise IGBT with faster switching speeds also contributes to further reduce the noise.

World’s First-ever “Active Roller Guide (option)” * We developed “Active Roller Guide” which restrains the car vibration according to the latest control system, and also offer the highest comfortable ride as a passenger hardly feel the lateral vibration in high-speed elevator cars. * Only available with 5.0m/sec. or faster.

Advanced Door Controls

VVVF* Inverter Control has been adopted to ensure smoother and quieter door operations, thereby enhancing passenger safety and product reliability. Our innovative door operation system employs a highly efficient “one-chip RISC microcomputer” which detects the constant variations on each floor in the door load, the strength of the wind, and even sediment in the sill grooves. It adjusts the dooropen and close speeds, as well as the door motor torque as needed for each floor using theAuto Tuning function. The learning-capable Door Load Detector immediately reverses the doorswhen abnormal load is detected on the doors.

Smaller Equipment, Smaller Machine Room

Realization of Space-saving Our advanced technology makes traction machine and control panel more compact ever than conventional equipment, and machine room area set up above the hoistway has got close to the hoistway area. It finally results in a space-saving, and then the rentable area will be increased.

Compact Traction Machine

Our Research and Development engineers have created an extremely compact, highly efficient “Poki Poki Motor*,” which reduces the traction machine size by about 30% in axial dimension. The Poki Poki Motor also conserves energy, reduces CO2 emission, and runs for a longer life span.

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