Moving Walks


Carry passengers
Mitsubishi A-type inclined moving walks operate at a comfortable walking speed and provide a smooth and comfortable ride to passengers on slopes with a moderate inclination. It offers ideal solutions for the needs of modern pedestrian traffic in all types of commercial facilities from grocery stores to shopping malls. The terminal drive system incorporates technology from our highly regarded A-Type escalators to deliver superior level of quality and reliability.

Name of product
Purpose of Usage
Carry passengers
1200, 1600
The Mitsubishi Electric A-Type Moving Walk fulfils and indeed exceeds customer expectations, through the collaboration and utmost performance of visual, functional and safety elements.
Mel Eye: Supervisory System Mel Eye Enhances Elevator and Escalator Operation Management with the Latest Network Technology

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a sophisticated monitoring system - Mel Eye which utilizes Web-based technology.

Mel Eye
closely observes the operational status of elevators and escalators that handle continually changing passenger traffic. This allows Building Managers to rapidly respond to changing traffic patterns, thus optimizing the performance of elevators and escalators and maximizing the added value of the whole building.
The application of the latest network technology has also greatly increased the number of controllable elevators and escalators, which minimizes the cost spent on facilities such as supervisory rooms and monitors. Mel Eye is our solution to futuristic building traffic monitoring systems.
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