Notice on Parts Supply Termination

Dear Valued Customers,

Kindly be informed of, production of some Mitsubishi elevator models was terminated 25 years or even earlier. Concerning these models, it is becoming increasingly difficult to supply some of the maintenance parts (parts for the control and drive system unique to each model) which are essential to keep proper function of each product. Although we have given our best efforts for supplying as many of such parts as possible on a stable basis, we have reached the limit of being able to supply them, as some specific material for them, such as electron elements, have become almost unavailable in the market today

Due to such circumstance, we have come to the point where we have to terminate supply of parts for the elevator model ACEE-1, ACEE-2, TLCM, DC-GD, AC-E1LEB, AC-E2LEA, and AC-E4LP

Your understanding shall be highly appreciated

For more information, please contact our Maintenance Sales Representatives